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Are you ready to free yourself from muscle and joint pain? Model Town Physiotherapy offers numerous treatments and services — all designed for your specific condition!

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The Place for Personalized Physiotherapy in Oromocto

Model Town Physiotherapy provides evaluation and treatments for a wide variety of physical ailments, particularly those related to painful orthopedic (musculoskeletal) conditions. Orthopedic conditions affect all parts of the body and generally involve muscles, joints, bones and related soft tissues.

We will work with you to facilitate the healing of your injury and to help you better manage your pain through our individualized, evidence-based treatments.

If you’ve recently undergone orthopedic surgery, we can provide post-op rehabilitation.

We are confident your experience with us will be truly positive, thanks in large part to our experience and the unique services we provide to the community. In addition to offering physiotherapy to Oromocto and the surrounding areas, we are also proud to offer dry needling services as well.

Direct One-On-One Sessions With Your Own Personal Physiotherapist

At other clinics, your treatment time is often spent with non-physiotherapist personnel rather than with an actual physiotherapist. Only physiotherapists have the ability to continuously evaluate and optimally treat your condition with all the physiotherapy treatment options available. At Model Town Physiotherapy, you will work one-on-one with your own personal physiotherapist.

Our treatment plans are fully individualized and tailored to your specific condition. Our evidence-based treatments are supported by the best physiotherapy research currently available.

Concussion Management Services

We are pleased to offer concussion evaluation and treatment services from an ImPACT®-certified physiotherapist, Colton Jonah, PT. ImPACT®-certified therapists have undergone advanced training in the evaluation and treatment of concussions. Working with such a therapist ensures you receive the highest quality of care in the field of concussion rehabilitation.

Learn more about ImPACT concussion management training by visiting the ImPACT® website.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

No Long Wait Times

We know that when you’re in pain you want to start the recovery process right away. That’s why we make every effort to see you as soon as possible when you first contact us.

Private Treatment Rooms

Other clinics work with you in large, open areas which are often divided into smaller sections by curtains. We understand that this lack of privacy can make some clients rather uncomfortable. Therefore, we offer dedicated treatment rooms that are truly private, ensuring all your privacy concerns are fully addressed.

Direct Billing

We can directly bill any insurance company so long as your health plan allows this convenient feature. We also offer direct billing to Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

WorkSafeNB Provider

As an approved WorkSafeNB provider, we can treat you if you’ve been injured on the job.